Michel Eyquen de Montaigne-Delecroix

By Christopher Zoukis He was buried in the family cemetery near his chateau, which is actually a castle in the center of an opulent park.  Construction of the castle began in 1477.  It is located on the borders of Perigord and Bordelais, in the Dordogne part of France.  A tall white floriated cross, or ‘cross […]

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The Curious Case of Legal Mail

By Christopher Zoukis / Huffington Post Inmates in every jail and prison across America retain certain inalienable rights, even while behind bars. One such right is the First Amendment: the right to free speech. Now obviously there are some procedural modifications and limitations that occur within the correctional context, but it is a right nonetheless. […]

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Barr’s Tips for Success

By Christopher Zoukis

Not long ago, I came across Nine Tips for Success.  The tips were written by Amelia E. Barr, and were included in an essay entitled “Words of Counsel.”  Ms. Barr’s tips are direct and pertinent.  I share them with you in the hope that they may stimulate you to success. 

“Men and women succeed because they take pains to succeed. Industry and patience are almost genius; and successful people are often more distinguished for resolution and perseverance than for unusual gifts. They make determination and unity of purpose supply the place of ability.

Success is the reward of those who “spurn delights and live laborious days.” We learn to do things by doing them. One of the great secrets of success is “pegging away.” No disappointment must discourage, and a run back must often be allowed, in order to take a longer leap forward.

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