Education Behind Bars: A Win-Win Strategy for Maximum Security

Written by Christopher Zoukis, a two-time PEN American Center award winning writer, a federal prisoner and a candid advocate for prison education, Education Behind Bars is both a reference guide and a social policy title.

Half of the impressive 382-page text is dedicated to the need for prison education, its history, travails, current situation, and the refutation of arguments against it. The other half of the text is directed toward the incarcerated student.

The most comprehensive study of prison education on the market to date, Education Behind Bars offers a relatively simple, inexpensive solution to some of our nation’s most burdensome problems.

It shows us how:

  • By investing $3 million, we can save our national and states’ budgets more than $62 Billion per year.
  • Extremely challenging and limiting prison education is today.
  • Ways individual prisoners can overcome some of those challenges.
  • Experimental, privately funded education programs have achieved outstanding success.