Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers Frequently Asked Questions about Christopher Zoukis and his efforts in prisoners rights, inmate advocacy and more.

Q. Who is Christopher Zoukis?

A. Christopher Zoukis is an incarcerated prison education, prison law and prisoners rights expert, as well as a nonfiction book author and a journalist. While he spends most of his time writing about prison law, prison education and prisoners’ rights, he is also a graduate students at Adams State University, where he is pursuing a master’s in Business Administration. To learn more visit our Who is Christopher Zoukis? page.

Q. What are Christopher Zoukis’s published works?

A. Christopher Zoukis is the author of several published books including Federal Prison Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Surviving the Federal Bureau of Prisons (Middle Street Publishing, 2017), Prison Education Guide (Prison Legal News Publishing, 2016) and College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons (2014, McFarland & Company). To find out more visit our Resumé and Published Works page.

Q. What kinds of journalism does Christopher Zoukis focus on?

A. Christopher Zoukis is a contributing writer for the Huffington PostPrison Legal NewsNew York Daily News, Criminal Legal News, and Blog Critics. He reviews criminal justice books for the New York Journal of Books, and has contributed to a number of specialty publications concerning prison education, prison law, and prisoners’ rights. In addition to this, he regularly blogs at and, both of which he founded and is the lead contributor.

Q. Does Christopher Zoukis have any new projects on the horizon?

A. Christopher has a number of upcoming nonfiction projects, including various books and national writing commitments. To learn more visit our Resumé and Published Works page

Q. Is Christopher Zoukis represented by a literary agent?

A. Christopher Zoukis’s nonfiction work is represented by Greg Aunapu at the Salkind Literary Agency.

Q. What type of media attention has Christopher Zoukis attracted?

A. Throughout the last several years, Christopher has garnered a great deal of media coverage for his various pursuits. While this coverage has primarily transpired within the continental United States, outlets in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia have also reviewed his books and discussed his projects. Christopher’s media exposure includes regular national writing commitment in the Huffington PostPrison Legal News,, Blog Critics, New York Journal of Books, Criminal Legal News, New York Daily News, and AND Magazine. To find out more visit our Resumé and Published Works section or Email his Publicist.

Q. Is Christopher Zoukis available to the news media for comment, quote, or interview?

A. Christopher can provide a quote or a comment about anything related to prison, prison law, prison education, prisoners’ rights, and criminal justice. His breadth of experience in these arenas is broad due to not only his own extensive experiences, but also due to the legal consulting he has engaged in over the last several years.

Christopher Zoukis can be contacted directly at the below address or by Emailing his Publicist.

Christopher Zoukis
FCI Petersburg
P.O. Box 1000, #22132-058
Petersburg, VA 23804

Q. Has Christopher Zoukis won any writing awards?

A. Christopher is a two-time recipient of the PEN American Center Prison Writing Awards in fiction and drama. In 2015, he received the Montaigne Medal for his book College for Convicts. In 2016, his Prison Law Blog was named a Top 100 Law Blag by the American Bar Association. And in 2017, his Federal Prison Handbook won the IndieReader Nonfiction Discovery Award and a gold medal in general nonfiction from the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards.In 2018, Federal Prison Handbook also won a non-fiction award from the Feathered Quill.

You can learn more about his awards and other pursuits on our Resumé and Published Works page.

Q. Is Christopher Zoukis on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook?

A. Christopher himself is not on any of these channels as federal prisoners are not permitted internet access. However, his team of supporters represent him on all social media channels, regularly syndicating his work and connecting with his supporters and readers.

You can connect with us by visiting any of the links below:

Q. Where can readers learn more about Christopher Zoukis’s books?

A. All of Christopher’s books can be found on our Published Books page. You can also find out more or leave a review on his Amazon Author’s Page.

Q. Where is Christopher Zoukis incarcerated, and when will he be released?

A. Christopher is currently incarcerated within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He’s housed at FCI Petersburg, a medium-security federal prison in Petersburg, Virginia. His good conduct time release date is October 12, 2018.

Q. What will Christopher Zoukis do upon his release from federal prison?

A. Christopher has already started planning for his release. As founder of Zoukis Consulting Group, Christopher will be a prison consultant, helping prepare criminal defendants for a term of incarceration, to handle any problems which occur during incarceration (for example, disciplinary issues or prison transfer requests), and will be there to help clients and their families every step of the way, including as prisoners reintegrate back into society.  In addition to his consulting work, he also plans on applying to law schools upon release from custody. To this end, in 2017 he sat for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and scored a 167, placing him in the 94th percentile of test takers.

Q. Can members of the general public write to Christopher Zoukis directly?

A. Christopher welcomes all correspondence. He can be reached at:

Christopher Zoukis
FCI Petersburg
P.O. Box 1000, #22132-058
Petersburg, VA 23804

Q. How can fans of Christopher Zoukis help him in his writing endeavors?

A. There are many ways that people can help Christopher in his writing endeavors. The most visible way is to review any of his books and post those reviews to sites such as, and other book review and book sales websites. Fans can also share his books and websites with friends. This could be done either in person, via email, or on social media networks. Last, and perhaps easiest, would be to simply purchase a copy of his works. This directly supports Christopher and helps him continue with his writing endeavors.

Q. How can fans of Christopher Zoukis help him in his prison education and prisoners right efforts?

A. Fans can support Christopher in his prison education and prisoners right efforts by visiting and, Tweeting/Retweeting about these websites, ‘liking’ the posts on these websites, and sharing these websites with friends and colleagues who might find them of interest.

Q. How can fans of Christopher Zoukis stay abreast of his latest works and projects?

A. Fans can simply enter their email address into the email submission forms on Christopher sends out regular updates concerning his literary efforts through this email list. If a fan also wants to receive prison education or prisoners’ rights project updates, they can go to and and enter their email address there, too.