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Now 33-years-old, Christopher Hardy Zoukis is the Marketing Director of Brandon Sample PLC. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Business Administration/Legal Studies) and an MBA from Adams State University. He is also the author of the Federal Prison Handbook, Prison Education Guide, and College for Convicts.

Christopher Hardy Zoukis
Christopher Hardy Zoukis

Christopher Hardy Zoukis has become a sought-after legal adviser to other inmates, author of three books on the prison system, a regular newspaper contributor and contributing writing to Prison Legal News and The Huffington Post. An outspoken champion for prison education and inmate rights, Christopher is available to speak about these and related topics to the media.

What topics can Christopher Hardy Zoukis comment on?

Christopher can provide a quote or a comment about anything prison: prison law, prison education, prisoners’ rights, privatization and overcrowding, women in prison, health care, navigating the U.S. prison system and Pell Grant education funding. His breadth of experience in these arenas is broad due to not only his own extensive experiences, but also due to the legal consulting he has engaged in over the last several years.

How can the media connect with Christopher?

If you’re a member of the media, be sure to visit our Media FAQ page for quick facts and copy. You may also check out some of Chris’ latest interviews In the Media or Email his Publicist to book an interview.

Does Christopher Hardy Zoukis have experience dealing with the media?

Christopher is recognized as a knowledgeable, expert source who has been quoted in publications such as USA Today, the Detroit Free Press and the Tallahassee Democrat. See some of his interviews on our In the Media page.

As a compelling speaker who is able to recount valuable statistics and facts, and  answer questions that stay on target and to the point in all media interviews, Chris is able to actively listen, gain an understanding of issues and transition smoothly in any direction that a writer, editor or producer requests, providing balanced and well-researched answers to either a structured interview, or one that is conversational. He is clear and concise when necessary and uses strong descriptive language to illustrate points. He is familiar with speaking to all types of press including radio, television, newspapers, and blogs. Christopher is a powerful voice for those who have none.

What are Christopher Zoukis’ published works?

Christopher Hardy Zoukis is author of four published non-fiction books, including his most recent Federal Prison Handbook, and is working on several more. Christopher is also publisher of a weekly prison newsletter and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Prison Legal News, New York Daily News, Criminal Legal News, New York Journal of Books, and many other national and international news outlets.