In this June 14, 2017 interview, Christopher Hardy Zoukis talks about the prison economy: the loan sharks you’ll meet behind bars, what happens to you if you can’t pay your debts, the currency prisoners come up with and the most important lessons life behind bars teaches you about finance in the real world.

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inthesetimeslogo.png Aviva Stahl interviews Christopher Hardy Zoukis about his personal journey inside prison and his plans upon release. He shares what it is like to write about prison from within and the changes he has seen inside the prison system since he was incarcerated.

ReadInterview with Christopher Hardy Zoukis.

examinercom-logo Dorothy Thompson interviews Christopher Hardy Zoukis on his book Directory of Federal Prisons and other projects.

ListenInterview with Christopher Hardy Zoukis – Co-author of Directory of Federal Prisons




Seattle Pi: Randall Radic interviews Christopher Hardy Zoukis on his current projects as well as the experience of working on them from behind bars.

ListenInterview: Incarcerated Author Christopher Hardy Zoukis Christopher Zoukis discusses prison reform and the value of education in prison with Joseph Planta.