Privacy Policy

At we take of readers’ privacy very seriously. We strive to be a site that you can trust and rely on in all regards. As such, we take every step we can to protect your privacy, and provide you with full disclosure on our policies.

The following principals apply to all the personally identifying information we ask for and that you provide. “Personally identifying information” is information that identifies you, such as your name, physical address, email address, and/or IP address. 

Data Collection: collects limited information from every visitor. At its most basic level, our analytics software records your Internet protocol address, the number of times you’ve visited, which pages you’ve visited, how long you remain on each page, the actions you took on each page, the Internet browser you utilized, and the operating system your computer utilizes. Our analytics software also records how you found, (e.g. what link you clicked on to arrive at, what search term you used if you utilized a search engine, and which search engine you used, etc.)

Additional information is also collected if you comment on or sign up for our email list. This information is used for internal communications.

For example, if you comment on the site or sign up for our email list, you will receive periodic promotional emails ( e.g. announcements, press releases, etc. )

And if you sign up for our RSS feed, you will receive email notifications of new content on

Cookies: Upon your first visit to a “cookie” is sent to your computer which uniquely identifies your browser. This automatically done by our analytics software and is commonplace among among websites the world over. Do not that this is not any kind of program, but a small file containing a string of characters which identifies you for analytics purposes. 

We use these cookies to improve the quality of out service and to better understand how visitors interact with We do this by storing your preferences in the cookie which is sent to your computer. This allows us to track your trends and patterns on the site. On a large scale, it shoes us our users’ experiences with and this enables us to improve the user experiences.

Information Sharing: does not sell, disclose, lease or share our visitors personal information with any other entity. We do this to protect your privacy and to keep your inbox clear of all that unwanted clutter that we all receive.